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Fish soup in Volzhsky style with apples


Fill the pan with water and put it on fire. Clean and gut the fish well. Remove the pikeperch heads and cut the fins and tail with scissors. When the water boils, put the crucians into it, wrapped in gauze. Cut onions and add to boiling water together with bay leaf, pepper (peas), basil, dill and celery.
Boil the fish soup until the fish is ready. When the soup is ready, remove crucians and greens from the saucepan. Salt and pepper the broth. Add whole potatoes and apples. When potatoes and apples are cooked, take it out. Put apples aside, mince potatoes with a fork.
Cut pike perch in large slices and put into the fish soup. Cook until the fish is ready. Remove the soup from fire. Put aside the prepared pikeperch. Salt and pepper the fish broth to taste. Chop the second bunch of dill finely and add greens to the fish soup. Pour vodka into your soup. Cover the saucepan with a lid and allow stewing for 5-10 minutes.
Pour broth over plates, add potatoes and fish. Cut the ready apples into slices.


dill - 2 bunches;
celery with leaves - 2-3 pieces;
basil - 1 bunch;
bay leaf - 2-3 pieces;
black pepper (peas);
black ground pepper;
small river fish, better crucians - 250-350 g;
young pikeperch of 400-500 grams - 2 pieces;
baby potatoes - 300-350 g;
green apples (antonovka or similar sort) - 2 pieces;
onion - 2 pieces;
vodka - 50 g;