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Fruit & Nut Bars SUPERFOOD "Green Coffee"
Fruit & Nut confection "Green Coffee"
Ingredients: dried dates, raisins, almond kernels, green coffee, vanilla.
Ready to eat product. GMO Free. The product may contain fruit stone fragments.


Trades code: 004083
NET Weight (g) (product unit): 35
Proteins\Fats\Carbohydrates\Energy per 100 g: Proteins-6 g; Fat-9 g; Carbs-56 g; Energy-322,0 kcal/kJ 1347.2
Length, mm (product unit): 125
Width, mm (product unit): 40
Height, mm (product unit): 15
Bar code (product unit): 4605581007910
Block Quantity:
Package GROSS Weight (multipack), box 9.31 kg
Multipack dimensions 329*266*278
Multipack volume (cubic meter) 0.026
Number of product units per pallet: 12000 pcs
Number of multipacks (showboxes) per pallet: 400 pcs
Number of units per pallet in a layer: 2400 pcs
Number of multipacks (showboxes) per pallet in a layer: 80 pcs
Number of multipacks (multiboxes) per pallet in a layer: 10 pcs
Layers per pallet (multipacks) packages): 5

Packaging type: cardboard box with printing
Expiry date (months): 8
CN code 1806321000, 2008979400, 200819910
PIKKI Trademark
Manufacturer: Klin Snack, LLC
No. and date of the Customs Declaration EAEU N RU D-RU. AБ75. B. 00796 dated October 02, 2017.
Expiry date and storage instructions: Shelf life 8 months from the date of manufacture. Store at 0 to +25⁰С and relative humidity not more than 75%.
Importing country: Poland, UAE, China