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Deputy Prime Minister Aleksey Gordeev visited REC Project Workshop
June 14, 2018, Alexey Gordeyev, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation for Agriculture, visited the the Russian Export Center Project Workshop.

REC Director General Andrey Slepnev briefed the Vice Premier on the activities of the Project Workshop, telling about the peculiarities of operation in this format.

“We have established 8 working groups in accordance with the objectives for the development of non-resource exports, which are put before us by the President of Russia in the May Edicts. A distinctive feature of the Project Workshop is that businesses, government and expert community work together in an intensive three-week format, which gives the opportunity to take into account the points of view of all parties involved,” noted Andrei Slepnev.

The final document will be sent to the Government for consideration. Special attention is given to AIC sector - the development issues concerning agricultural exports and, in particular, food exports, are included in the agenda of several working groups.

During the visit, the delegation, including, besides Alexei Gordeyev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergey Levin, was given a detailed report of the Working Group for Agriculture and Food Export Policy.

Alexey Gordeyev complimented the modern format of the workshop and praised the participants for qualitative elaboration of topics.

“The main benefit of this platform is that business, including individual companies and associations, is actively involved in its activities. Only by working in close conjunction with the business community, the Government will be able promote the development of support tools, allowing for a significant increase in the export of products abroad,” said Alexey Gordeyev.

According to him, since the end of the 2016, the exports of agricultural products have been showing a steady growth, and Russia takes leading positions on some items on a global scale. For example, Russia ranks first in the world in the export of wheat and buckwheat. At the same time, the Vice Prime Minister noted the need to focus on supporting the exports of highly processed products including flour, sunflower oil, confectionery, etc.

Andrey Slepnev, in turn, summarized preliminary results of the Project Workshop.

"Our task is to build a system, set up all support mechanisms. The product, which is gradually taking shape in the Project Workshop is, on the one hand, filled with really interesting initiatives from the business and, on the other hand, balanced and carefully elaborated,” noted Andrey Slepnev.