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MAKFA produces a range of grocery products: pasta, cereals and cereal flakes, flour and baking mixes. The total number of MAKFA products is over 150.

In Russia, there are regions where climate makes it possible to grow grain crops that are of superior quality and are especially rich in taste. MAKFA production is concentrated in or near to the following regions of Russia: the southern Urals, the Altai and the Stavropol Region.

By following the strict quality control standards used in the company and observing the rules and inspection procedures, the specialists of the Quality Control Department monitor all production processes – from receiving raw materials to the finished and packaged product. The Quality Control Department consists of a research center, production and technology laboratories, the certification sub-department and the quality management sub-department.

MAKFA delivers its products to every region of Russia, as well as to 35 countries of the former Soviet Union and beyond, including Europe, Asia, South and North America, and the CIS. MAKFA products are seld in large retail chains in Russia and around the world.

If one were to take all the packs of pasta produced by MAKFA in one year and put them together, the resulting line would be long enough to go round the equator.

International certification
The food safety management system is certified for compliance with Food Safety System Certification 22000.

In-house flour milling complex
The brand owns the largest flour milling complex in Russia and Eastern Europe. It includes: mills for grinding durum wheat for the production of pasta, flour mills, grain elevators and elevators for finished products, and a complex of laboratories for assessing the quality of raw materials.

Pasta Production
The company also has the largest pasta production facility in Russia. It includes Italian pasta production lines, automated packing lines and gravity warehouses for finished products.

Growing Groats Production
The company has its own groat factory in the Altai Region, with modern facilities and a micronization production line for groats.

The company has its own logistics network, consisting of a fleet of flour trucks and heavy trucks, as well as a network of consignment warehouses.

Company location region:

Legal address:
5/1 Vspolny per., Moscow, Russia

Manufacturing Factory address:
Roshchino, Chelyabinsk region, Russia

Correspondence address:
Section 1, Melkombinat 2, Chelyabinsk, Russia, 454091

+7 (351) 25-59-735


Manufacturer type:
Large Enterprise



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